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800x600 Touch Screen 8T Docking Station For Body Camera

800x600 Touch Screen 8T Docking Station For Body Camera

Touch Screen 8T Docking Station

800x600 8T Docking Station

RJ45 Body Camera Docking Station

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Product Details
Product Name:
Docking Station
Suitable For:
Body Camera
8 Ports
Special Feature:
Touch Screen
12 Months
Product Description

8 Ports Touch Screen 8T Docking Station For Body Camera Data Uploading


The docking station adopts an integrated design technology to integrate the charging service and data upload service of the body camera, the space management service of the body camera, and the time synchronization service into the docking station. Whenever a police officer inserts the body camera into the docking station, The system can automatically detect the body camera and check the data files in the body camera. If new files are found, these new files will be uploaded automatically. After uploading, the uploaded files will be emptied and the space will be freed up for next use. While uploading files, the docking station realizes charging and time synchronization services for body cameras through the base.



  • Automatic charging and automatic time adjustment: The law enforcement data management platform performs automatic charging and automatic time adjustment at the colleague collection station that automatically copies data. Support 8 units at the same time to charge at the same time.
  • Automatic upload: Set the automatic upload level through the background management, and important files can be automatically uploaded to the cloud server.
  • Authorization management: According to different authorizations for different user levels, law enforcement officers can log in to the system at any network node, and after passing the key authentication, they can access the data in the scope of authorization and quickly edit and query.



Housing Black, portable, with anti-static surface. Integrated independent-use design;
Size L50cm * W35cm* H11cm
Weight 9.3kg
Power Cable Options: CN, EU, UK, UL
Number of connections 8pcs body camera simultaneous connection
Working environment -10℃- +60℃
Connector Body camera charging base
Storage humidity 10% - 90%
Screen 10.4 inch LCD, 800x600(or 1024x768) resolution
Screen type 10.4 inch capacity screen
Network interface RJ45 standard input
CPU Intel Core i3
Processor J1900 quad-core processor
Ports Meet a variety of needs, USB*4, HDMI, VGA, LAN port, audio input/output, power interface
Storage 4G+64G
Hard disk Removable hard disk box with lock, 2Tb( 4T, 8T is optional)
Power supply mode Automatic 110-220V AC
Platform system Windows10(English)
Application software DEMS
Time correction Automatic time correction
Automatic index uploading The system supports downloading and playing large files.
Automatic data clearing Automatic clear the camera's memory after data were updated.
Information-reading Automatically read the time, date, device ID, police ID, remaining memory and remaining battery capacity information in the body camera.
Filter files Advanced management wherein searches can be filtered by camera, user and date & time range.
User management Add different roles, and each role is assigned different management permissions.
Police management Administrator has the authority to add, modify and delete the police information, but ordinary users have no.
Device management Administrator has the authority to add, modify and delete the device information, but ordinary users have no.
Report Separate report module to generate various reports
Provide camera activity report
File Upload
  1. Facility wherein the video are uploaded automatically when the camera is plugged into the computer/ docking station and simultaneously charge the battery.
  2. Prioritize upload of evidential videos over non-evidential videos
Remarks Facility to add context to uploaded media in the form of modes in order to further explain the situation
File mark Facility to mark a video as evidential. This will ensure video is not automatically deleted and is stored in a manner that allows for longer period of storage than normal video files.
File export Facility to transfer the evidential videos to DVD or CD or export it to the desktop
Synchronised time Facility to automatically sync the date and time on the camera with that on the computer, removing the need for any manual amendments with an external keypads.

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