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HDMI 1.3 1920x1080P IP67 Law Enforcement Body Camera

HDMI 1.3 1920x1080P IP67 Law Enforcement Body Camera

IP67 Law Enforcement Body Camera

1920x1080P Law Enforcement Body Camera

HDMI 1.3 Police Wearable Camera

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Product Details
Replaceable Battery
IR Light:
2 IR Light
Video Output:
HDMI 1.3 Port
With One Spare Battery
Motion Detection:
Product Description

Waterproof IP67 Portable Body Camera GPS With HDMI Video Output


Portable body camera not only ensures the full record of law enforcement process, but also can accurately and quickly command and dispatch, for the jurisdiction of urban management law enforcement key difficulties can also be at a glance, in the city management information plays an important role. At present, most portable body cameras have built-in GPS module with location function, GPS module can be used to record the location of law enforcement personnel in real time.



  • Portable body camera wearing convenient, can wear on the shoulder of the work uniform, if wearing plain clothes, we also have a back clip, can be directly clamped on the clothes, really liberate the hands of law enforcement officers.
  • Built-in GPS positioning module, through the mobile network to send location information to the monitoring center in real time, in the platform's electronic map shows the specific location of the device, real-time view of law enforcement personnel on duty and according to the law enforcement environment quickly deployment of surrounding law enforcement personnel.
  • Portable body camera has been improved, the battery capacity increased, with one spare battery equipped, extended shooting time, can fully meet the daily work of the police, easy to use.



Video Resolution Multiple Recording Resolution 2304x1296p30/2560x1080P(30 FPS) 1920x1080P(30 FPS)/ 1280x720(60 FPS)/ 1280x720(30 FPS)/848x480(60 FPS)/848x480(30 FPS)
Video Format H.264 MPEG4
Fast forward 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X, 64X
REW 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X, 64X
Audio High Quality Build-in Microphone.
Audio Format WAV/AAC2./MP3
Water Mark User ID, Time and date Stamp Embedded into Video.
Camera 33 Megapixel Camera option with optional burst shot(5/10/15/20/25 photos)
Camera Format JPEG 33M(7696x4329), 16M,12M,8M,5M
Snap Shot Capture Photos During Video Recording
Car Mode Support
Storage Capacity 16G(32G/64G/128G)
Storage Level Visual Indicator
Record Led Red
One Button Recording Support One Button Record
Activation prompt Audible, Visual, and Tactile Vibration Confirm Activation of Record and Stop
IR Light 2 IR Light
Speaker 1Wat,8Ohm,Internal
Other Auxiliary Light one red laser light
LCD Screen 2 inch TFT-LCD High-Resolution Color Display
Audio Playback Yes
Video Output HDMI 1.3 Port

Specification of body police camera_sop-02A.pdf



The GPS function of portable body camera plays an important role in the actual combat and can be widely used in traffic police public security law enforcement, health supervision, city management law enforcement, customs enforcement, road administration, quality supervision, forestry garden, fire protection, quality supervision, road and railway and other fields.


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