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Night Vision IP67 3200mAH Wifi Body Cameras For PTT Intercom

Night Vision IP67 3200mAH Wifi Body Cameras For PTT Intercom

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PTT Intercom Wifi Body Cameras

IP67 Night Vision Body Camera

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Product Details
Ambarella H22
Special Features:
PTT Intercom
Product Name:
Wifi Body Camera
Wireless Transmission:
Night Vision
Product Description

GPS Night Vision 3200mAH Wifi Body Cameras For PTT intercom


Police body camera specification of SOP-13.pdf


Due to the continuous expansion of the application industry and the scope of the scene, wifi body cameras have been widely used in all walks of life, not just staying in law enforcement units, and have surpassed the ordinary version of wifi body cameras, becoming an indispensable equipment for work units One. It not only has audio and video recording functions, but also supports video recording, recording, real-time network transmission, GPS positioning, data uploading and other functions. Law enforcement officers can also realize early warning of the monitoring platform through the one-key alarm function of the equipment when encountering emergency situations during the duty. The ability to dispatch personnel in a timely manner and conduct remote command for emergencies greatly guarantees the safety of staff and the ability to handle incidents in a timely manner.


  • The product uses a high-speed processor and embedded real-time operating system, and integrates high-definition video, audio, 4G wireless communication module, GPS, storage, wifi module, can be widely used in public inspection, law, armed police, industry and commerce, taxation, etc.
  • Law enforcement officers use on-site real-time records. The equipment collects evidence in the field of law enforcement, regulates law enforcement activities, and can be used for real-time video and audio information transmission, voice intercom, PTT group intercom function 3G/4G wireless network monitoring system in the following ways;
  • The powerful CMS platform can be used for real-time command and scheduling of equipment.
  • Traffic police, patrol police, urban management, coastal defense, armed police, insurance, fire protection, electricity, medical, emergency rescue and other fields.
  • Continuous shooting function: You can choose 3 or 5 continuous shooting. In the case of static evidence collection, the continuity and effectiveness of the evidence collection can be guaranteed. You can also press the camera button for an unlimited number of consecutive photos;

Efficient data processing capabilities, product waterproof and explosion-proof, infrared night vision without fear of the dark night, real-time intercom function, and with a positioning system, through 4G, WIFI and other wireless networks, the live high-definition video information is transmitted back to the background command center in real time for easy command The center accurately grasps the on-site situation, and makes timely response and command and dispatch.



Shock Proof 1.8m (5.9ft)
IP Rating IP67
Coding H.264/H.265
View Angle 140 degrees

Video Resolution


1080P30 ( Chipsets support 4K,limit to 1080 for lower power consumption)



Video Streaming Resolution





Audio Streaming Support
Text Streaming Support
Streaming Bitrate 300kbs-4M kbs
Video Format MP4
Picture format JPEG
Audio Format AAC
Snap Shot During recording
EIS 6 axis image stabilizer(Optional)



Audio alarm activates in all cameras at same group and audio alarm in command center

Wireless Connections


Wi-Fi 2.4G&5G, AP/STA/P2P,Wi-Fi channel can be set by cam manager
Bluetooth Remote controller,support second development
IR 10 meters (2 IR LED)
GPS Optional
NFC Optional
4G Optional
Clustered Talkback(PTT) Optional
Recording Time

1080P Up to 12 Hours;480P Up to 15 Hours

GPS and WIFI on at 480P30 12 hours and 30 minutes

Recording and Streaming Time 7 to 8 hours
Standby Time 100+ hours
Charging Time 4 hours
Pre&post recording
Pre-recording 30 seconds to 1 minute varies from resolution settings
Post-recording 30 seconds to 1 minute varies from resolution settings


Wifi body camera has been widely used in the power industry, railway industry, fire rescue, urban management law enforcement, property management, hotel management and other industries. It is small in size, easy to carry, and has a long standby time. It is suitable for the working environment and working methods of the staff.

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