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Why is body worn camera so important to police


Latest company news about Why is body worn camera so important to police

The law enforcement recorder is a portable law enforcement forensic device with synchronous recording and recording functions. It collects and fixes evidence in a timely manner, records the scenes of various incidents, achieves fair law enforcement, civilized discipline, protects law enforcement personnel and the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, and guarantees law enforcement. It is an important guarantee for personnel to perform their duties according to law, promote the improvement of law enforcement levels, and supervise law enforcement.


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Law enforcement recorders play an important role in the actual work:


1. Collect fixed evidence in time to restore the truth of the incident. Because the law enforcement recorder has the function of synchronous recording and recording, it is crucial to timely obtain evidence for some illegal facts that are instantaneously lost. If there is no strong evidence, it will be very passive in law enforcement at the scene, or the case will be revoked due to insufficient evidence.


2. Alert people who violate the law and consciously abide by laws and regulations. When law enforcement officers use law enforcement recorders and inform law enforcement counterparts in advance, they realize that their every move, words and deeds will be recorded and recorded, which will directly cause them to converge.


3. Supervise and standardize law enforcement personnel's law enforcement behaviors and protect the lawful rights and interests of law enforcement personnel. In the normal use process, the law enforcement recorder will record the law enforcement personnel according to the law, civilized and standardized law enforcement, and urge them to not slack off their work. It not only regulates law enforcement activities of law enforcement personnel, but also helps law enforcement officers to enforce law enforcement. Levels, especially in on-site disposals involving emergencies and enforcement measures, can serve as a “silent inspector”. On the contrary, if in the law enforcement activities, the parties can be clarified in time when they encounter malicious complaints from the parties and after the supervision of the discipline inspection and supervision departments, and safeguard the lawful rights and interests of law enforcement personnel, they become the loyal "comrades" of the frontline law enforcement personnel.

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