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Why can't cell phones replace body cameras?


Latest company news about Why can't cell phones replace body cameras?

Although the function of the mobile phone is stronger than that of the Police Body camera, it cannot replace the Police Body camera. Why? Because the functions of the Police Body camera generally include photography, video recording, audio recording, etc., it seems ordinary, but it also has a very important function, that is, it cannot edit and change the recorded images, and cannot delete the video and audio, Picture data can completely retain on-site data, which is not only a kind of protection for the people, but also has certain constraints on law enforcement personnel, so it can become an important evidence document for solving law enforcement disputes. In addition, law enforcement recorders are used to collect and record on-site situations, and there are various law enforcement environments. Law enforcement officers are prone to bumps in the process of law enforcement, and the protection level of law enforcement recorders must be high enough to be able to adapt to various harsh environments.


Police Body camera SOP-15, which integrates a voice recorder, a high-definition digital camera, and a digital camera, can help law enforcement officers record the scene in a timely and convenient manner, and provide effective evidence for the detection and review of cases. The protection level reaches IP67, which has good protection, anti-drop and waterproof performance, can withstand large external shocks, 10m super night vision, and a single battery of 3200mah can record continuously for 10h.

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