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Visual command and dispatch system


Latest company news about Visual command and dispatch system

In order to further strengthen the emergency command linkage work system, improve the level of information management and work efficiency, strengthen the rapid response docking work of headquarters at all levels, make full use of the advantages of mobile Internet video development, and realize the connection between front-end personnel and the command center in the emergency response process. Timely and effective visual linkage facilitates rapid response to potential threats and emergencies in a timely manner, and efficient command and decision-making. The visual command and dispatch system realizes the real-time and rapid linkage and coordination of the command hall, mobile command center, and mobile law enforcement front-end, and accesses the visual command and dispatch platform through the 4G network, realizes the real-time video picture monitoring and management of the unified video platform, and realizes the perfect integration with the video conference. , realize two-way visual decision-making, satisfy multiple command venues to watch the monitoring screen at the same time, and realize "face-to-face" consultation and decision-making for emergencies, realize the interoperability and cooperation of the emergency process, and effectively improve the ability to handle emergencies.

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