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Training on the use and management of law enforcement recorders


Latest company news about Training on the use and management of law enforcement recorders

In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of the Party Committee of Liaocheng Municipal Bureau of Public Security on the work deployment of "three efforts", further improve the quality and efficiency of law enforcement, further strengthen the awareness of the police's standardized law enforcement responsibility, and fully display the new responsibilities and new actions of strengthening the police by law, on the morning of January 18, Linqing Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out the first lesson of the 2023 law enforcement training - the training session on the use and management of law enforcement recorders. The training course was given by Cheng Aihua, member of the Party Committee and head of the legal team, and all the civilian auxiliary police of the front-line law enforcement units attended the meeting.

At the training meeting, Cheng Aihua led everyone to learn the relevant contents of the Regulations on the Work of Video and Audio Recording of On-site Law Enforcement by Public Security Organs and the relevant legal application issues involved, and explained the operation methods of the use, storage and information disposal of the law enforcement recorder for the civilian auxiliary police on the spot, as well as how to use the law enforcement recorder to accurately collect audio and video information in law enforcement activities, At the same time, specific requirements are put forward for the daily use and management of the law enforcement recorder. In strict accordance with the principle of "who receives, who uses, who is responsible", do a good job in the custody and use of the law enforcement recorder, and strictly keep confidential the information content; Further improve the awareness of law enforcement, deeply recognize the importance and necessity of the use of law enforcement recorders, resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of "wearing but not using", and truly give full play to the standardized role of law enforcement recorders in law enforcement.

Through the training, all the trainees further accurately grasped the operation specifications and procedures of the video and audio recording in the whole process of law enforcement, laying a solid foundation for doing a good job in the recording of the whole process of law enforcement and better protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the people, law enforcement police and auxiliary police.

Next, Linqing Municipal Public Security Bureau will carry out standardized education and training on law enforcement in a normal manner, comprehensively improve the legal literacy and professional skills of the police and auxiliary police, strive to achieve the transparency of law enforcement information, leave traces in the law enforcement process, and legal and effective law enforcement decisions, and effectively improve the law enforcement level and social satisfaction of the Linqing public security team.

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