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Traffic law enforcement officers are fully equipped with law enforcement recorders


Latest company news about Traffic law enforcement officers are fully equipped with law enforcement recorders

Recently, the Municipal Traffic Law Enforcement Team has equipped a number of law enforcement recorders for front-line law enforcement personnel in 16 grassroots stations, and conducted on-site training on the use and management of law enforcement recorders and collection workstations. This means that Ningbo traffic law enforcement front-line personnel have begun to be fully equipped with law enforcement recorders, this informationized and modern new equipment!

The law enforcement recorder distributed this time is an on-site law enforcement forensics equipment that integrates video recording, photographing, audio recording, data output and other functions. The device is compact and convenient, and has the characteristics of high-definition, night vision, ultra-long video recording, data protection, etc., which can objectively, truthfully, fairly and accurately record the whole process of law enforcement, and can timely fix the evidence for supervision and inspection.

In order to facilitate standardized management, the ID number of each law enforcement recorder corresponds to the name of the law enforcement team member. The law enforcement team member cannot delete the recorded content. All the law enforcement video and audio

will be sent back to the headquarters of the law enforcement team. Front-line law enforcement team members will gradually realize the law enforcement mode of "one man, full video recording, and strict supervision".

The use of the law enforcement recorder is not only an effective supplement to the collection of case punishment evidence, but also promotes law enforcement personnel to regulate law enforcement, realizing double supervision of illegal activities and law enforcement activities, and marking the progress of standardization and standardization of law enforcement. A new step.

At present, law enforcement officers of the Municipal Traffic Law Enforcement Team have successively begun to use law enforcement recorders in law enforcement inspections. According to feedback from some team members: The law enforcement recorder has good use effect, clear image records, and it is very convenient to collect and fix evidence. It plays a positive role in realizing standardized, fair and civilized law enforcement and protecting the law enforcement personnel and the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

In the next step, the municipal traffic law enforcement team will take the use and management of law enforcement equipment as a powerful starting point, and regularly report on the use of law enforcement equipment, so as to promote the standardization and standardization of the construction of basic traffic stations.

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