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Toronto police begin to use body worn cameras on a large scale


Latest company news about Toronto police begin to use body worn cameras on a large scale

Toronto police say starting this week, officers in the city’s 31 Division will begin using body-worn camera technology during interactions with the public.

Body-worn cameras will be used when an officer arrives at a call for service, begins an investigation, or when asking someone questions for the purpose of collecting information, Toronto police said.

The service said before deployment every officer will be trained on how to use the cameras and the associated governance, which includes penalties for non-compliance.

The 31 districts of the city border Steeles Avenue to the north, Lawrence Avenue to the south, and the Humber River to the west (near Weston Road) in Kiel East of the street.

Toronto police told Global News that after 31 districts, the holidays will be interrupted, and the next 13 districts and 14 districts will launch plans to use human cameras in January.

The force has been approved by the Toronto Police Department on August 18 to continue to provide carry-on camera procedures.

After consulting with the province, the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the SIU and the Office of the Independent Police Review Officer, a plan was developed that considers privacy security and accountability.
Toronto Police Commissioner James Ramer said: "As we seek ways to modernize police services, wearable cameras are a tool we can use to build trust and legitimacy between officers and the public. ."

Lamer said: "This technology provides an independent, unbiased account of our interactions and strengthens our commitment to show the community that they can safely and securely enjoy daily life with the police."
Last week, the Peel area police said that their police officers from the airport department started using cameras worn on their bodies on November 23.

Peel police said that these cameras will have real-time streaming technology, which will give medical professionals the opportunity to help police officers in real-time situations involving crisis personnel.

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