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The importance of law enforcement recorder in law enforcement work


Latest company news about The importance of law enforcement recorder in law enforcement work

As the people's awareness of rights protection increases, the record of law enforcement in law enforcement activities is particularly important. In law enforcement activities, how to regulate the law enforcement behavior of the bailiff and the executive judge can protect the self-interest

of the bailiff and the executive judge from infringement. At this time, the equipment and use of the law enforcement recorder embodies its importance.

(1) Conducive to standardizing law enforcement and enhancing the fairness of law enforcement activities. After being equipped with the law enforcement recorder, the judicial police officers turn on the law enforcement recorder throughout the law enforcement process. Every word and deed of the judicial police officers in law enforcement is recorded, and the law enforcement activities of the judicial police officers are effectively supervised, which better overcomes law enforcement. The arbitrariness is conducive to the implementation of the requirements

of civilized law enforcement. At the same time, after wearing the law enforcement recorder, judicial officers will consciously or unconsciously pay attention to their words and actions and their image of law enforcement. At the same time, the law enforcement recorder can effectively prevent the parties from making unreasonable disturbances and malicious complaints, which greatly deterred those malicious parties and unknowingly established the image of civilized law enforcement.

(2) It is conducive to the preservation of evidence and safeguards the lawful interests of the enforcement judge and law enforcement officers. In law enforcement activities, the phenomenon of obstructing law enforcement activities in a violent manner occurs from time to time. For example, in rural areas, some local residents maliciously hinder law enforcement and provoke law enforcement activities with words and deeds in order to protect the interests of local people. Once the enforcement judge and enforcement officers improperly respond, they will be unreasonable, and the parties will even maliciously falsely accuse and distort the facts. If the law enforcement evidence is incomplete, you will be passive afterwards. After the law enforcement recorder is standardized and applied, the behaviors of violent resistance or other non-violent methods that hinder law enforcement will be truthfully recorded.

(3) It is conducive to warning the parties and alleviating the difficult situation of enforcement. Now the enforcement environment of the enforcement judge is rather awkward. During the enforcement process, because some people's legal consciousness is relatively indifferent, the parties take advantage of this to mislead the onlookers and win sympathy. Once the enforcement judges and law enforcement officers speak inappropriately, it will cause excessive behavior of the masses and cause the enforcement to fall into an embarrassing situation. If the law enforcement recorder is used normally and the people who don't know the situation are informed, the situation will not expand, which can ease the embarrassment of the implementation.

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