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The importance of body cameras


Latest company news about The importance of body cameras

The use of law enforcement recorders is important for strengthening police law enforcement supervision, promoting standardized law enforcement, preventing and reducing the occurrence of police violations of law and discipline in the process of law enforcement on duty, preventing and reducing prominent problems in law enforcement, improving the regularization and standardization of police law enforcement, and protecting The rights and interests of the parties and the police have played an important role in improving the satisfaction of the people and promoting the harmonious development of the society.


The Ministry of Public Security attaches great importance to the construction and use of law enforcement recorders, and has issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Regulations on the Administration of the Use of Law Enforcement Recorders for Traffic Police", and formulated the "Key Points of Reference for Design of Traffic Police System Law Enforcement Recorder Equipment Performance and Background Management System" , and held several meetings to deploy and promote the pilot work of law enforcement recorders. According to the relevant requirements of the deployment tasks and notices of the ministries and bureaus, the Fujian Expressway traffic police need to uniformly deploy and construct the law enforcement recorder project of the province's expressway traffic police, realize the centralized and unified management of data, strengthen the use management, and promote the modernization of law enforcement and on-duty management. Further promote the quality and cultivation of police officers. At the same time, through the whole process of association and integration with law enforcement data and accident processing data, the role of law enforcement recorder data is deeply excavated, and more quantitative, complete, comprehensive and accurate information analysis and decision-making services are provided.


On-site law enforcement image recorders are widely used in patrol police, traffic police, urban management, courts, industry and commerce and other law enforcement departments, which can effectively improve the harmony and harmony of law enforcement, and escort the creation of a more harmonious society. The use of on-site law enforcement image recorders marks the improvement of the technological content of front-line law enforcement single police equipment. On the one hand, it ensures the fairness and effectiveness of the data, regulates the law enforcement behavior of law enforcement officers, and effectively protects the legitimate rights and interests of law enforcement officers and protection. The safety of law enforcement personnel, improve the quality of law enforcement work, improve the management level of law enforcement teams, and improve the professional image and work efficiency of law enforcement personnel. On the other hand, the on-site law enforcement image recorder, as the reproduction of the real evidence on the scene, deliberately and effectively avoids being taken out of context by the outside world, avoids malicious complaints, violent resistance to the law and reduces rash legal proceedings, and maximizes the guarantee that the law enforcement and the enforced are in a better position. Fair, more transparent and more harmonious law enforcement.

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