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Latest company news about Sunshine Law Enforcement

At present, the 4G Smart Body Camera has become an indispensable work equipment and law enforcement equipment in the law enforcement process. The general law enforcement recorder has gradually been unable to keep up with the pace of the law enforcement era. The 4G Smart Body Camera is equipped with powerful hardware configuration and platform support. It has the characteristics of long standby time, loud sound, high-definition picture quality, easy to carry, etc., and is more adaptable to work The working environment and working methods of personnel or law enforcement personnel are backed by a powerful data management platform, which efficiently processes data and realizes real-time command coordination, which is well received by users and has significant effects.


In terms of service command and dispatch, the 4G Intelligent Body Camera realizes the integration of trunking voice and real-time video. The combat center establishes information related transmission channels with various police types through the terminal, and transmits back the police on-site law enforcement and positioning information in real time through the 4G signal. Realize voice intercom, visualize, point-to-point command and dispatch in the background. When dealing with sudden and complex police situations, the Body Camera can be used to collect information and data in a comprehensive way, grasp the distribution of police forces, and realize the deployment of nearby police and mutual reinforcements, changing the situation of police and civilian police fighting alone, providing multi-police linkage and full-police integration. Technology support.


In terms of service law enforcement supervision, with a 360-degree rotatable lens, the 4G Smart Body Camera is a model for both sunlight law enforcement and standard law enforcement supervision. The inspection department and the legal department can check the work of law enforcement officials at any time through Body Camera, conduct on-site supervision of the law enforcement process, remind law enforcement officials to regulate their words and deeds, improve their consciousness of standardizing law enforcement, and realize the advancement of law enforcement supervision. At the same time, high-pixel cameras can clearly restore the scene, fix evidence, record law enforcement objectively, accurately, truthfully, and impartially, effectively safeguard the legitimate law enforcement rights and interests of grassroots police officers, and effectively curb incidents such as insults and attacks on the police.

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