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Police body cameras have become a "weapon" for grassroots front-line police to carry out law enforcement on duty


Latest company news about Police body cameras have become a

At a press conference held by the Ministry of Public Security on October 14, Li Jian, director of the Science and Technology Information Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, responded to reporters’ questions about the standardization work carried out by the Ministry of Public Security in recent years. Norms and technical basis are important means to ensure fairness and justice in law enforcement and justice. The Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security attaches great importance to standardization work. Minister Zhao Kezhi pointed out that it is necessary to further promote the standardization of law enforcement with a higher position and strive to achieve the standardization of law enforcement behavior. It can be said that public security standardization is in a period of important strategic opportunities. Doing a good job of public security standardization in the new era has a glorious mission and great significance.


Reviewing the development process of public security standardization over 40 years since the reform and opening up, starting from a zero point, 9 standardization technical committees have been established so far, with a total of 1344 members, and personnel engaged in standard research, formulation, and application of public security organs and scientific research institutes at all levels It has reached tens of thousands of people, and it has assembled a highly effective public security standardization team. In recent years, the standardization work has continuously achieved new results, with an average of nearly 200 standards issued annually, and a standard system covering various business areas of public security has been established. It has played an increasingly important role in innovating social governance, combating crimes, and serving the people. effect. Its effectiveness can be seen from three aspects:


First, public security standards have become an important support for the construction of the rule of law in China. Public security standards provide powerful technical guarantees for the specific implementation of China’s "Network Security Law," "Road Traffic Safety Law," "Anti-Terrorism Law," "Food Safety Law," and other laws and regulations. For example, a series of cyber security grade protection standards laid the foundation for the implementation of the "Cyber ​​Security Law"; a series of standards such as safety precautions for important targets and places, safety requirements for large-scale events, and explosion-proof security inspections strongly support the "Anti-Terrorism Law" and "Public Security Management Punishment Law" "Implementation. Public security standards have also promoted the awareness of law-abiding by the whole people. For example, the national standard "Vehicle Drivers’ Blood and Breath Alcohol Content Thresholds and Inspections", which was developed by the public security department, is the basic basis for public security organs to investigate and deal with drunk driving in accordance with the law. Significant social benefits.


Second, public security standards have become an effective means to promote the standardized development of high-quality public security work. The standards provide the public security police with sound, complete, and actionable law enforcement guidelines. For example, the "Single Police Law Enforcement Video and Audio Recorder" series of standards provide reliable support for timely collection and fixation of evidence, and record the on-site handling of various cases. Law enforcement recorders have become a "weapon" for grassroots frontline police to carry out law enforcement work. In accordance with the reform and deployment of "delegation of control and service", we have established and improved the standard system of "Internet + public security and government services", organized and carried out comprehensive standardization pilots for social management and public services, and established the entry and exit management window service, the vehicle management office window service, and the construction of the personal credit system Standardization demonstration results that can be replicated, used for reference, and promoted have been formed in various aspects, which have played a positive role in serving and improving people's livelihood.


Third, public security standards have become a key link in industry technological innovation and industrial competitiveness enhancement.

We actively promote the linkage mechanism between standards and scientific and technological innovation, increase the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into technical standards, and promote the industrialization and marketization of scientific and technological achievements. For example, the series of DNA testing reagent standards have promoted the improvement of the quality of domestically-made DNA reagents and enhanced the competitiveness of the domestic-made reagents in the market. The application of domestically-made reagents has saved the public security organs a lot of money in case handling. Police Digital Trunking (PDT) series of standards, using self-developed core technologies such as wireless communication encryption and networking, have broken the long-term technological monopoly of foreign companies. Products developed and produced according to the standards have played an important role in the communication command of major national events. Successfully penetrated into overseas markets in many countries. Taking the security industry as an example, the public security video code and networking standards have established a key technology industry chain with independent intellectual property rights to better ensure the networking and sharing of large-scale video systems and information security, which is a “safe city” and “clear project”. The construction and application of such national projects have established a solid foundation.

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