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Officer Clermont is now equipped with a body camera


Latest company news about Officer Clermont is now equipped with a body camera

---55 officers, sergeant will be equipped with body cameras
Clermont, Fla. – Clermont, Lake County, this week introduced body cameras for its police officers, equipping 55 officers and sergeants with new equipment.

The Clermont Police Department considered buying a body camera a few years ago, but the storage fee was too expensive at that time, but the advanced technology made it possible to buy it. The material can now be stored remotely in the cloud.
Clermont parliament member Jim Purvis and parliament member Ray Goodgame petitioned the city in 2017 to study equipping officials with worm cameras.

Purvis said in the press release: "The body cameras have proved their value in protecting the police station and the community." "I am very happy to see them implemented."

After years of research, New York City purchased the BodyWorn platform from Utility Associates, Inc.. Part of the funds for the purchase came from police seizure operations, including drug money.

The system includes a feature called BodyWorn Down. If a police officer falls down and needs a backup, the camera will automatically start recording, alert nearby police officers, and call the officer's GPS location for help.

According to the press release, “the study found that body cameras can reduce complaints and false statements, increase public trust, support transparency, improve the behavior of all parties, and hold everyone accountable.”

Police Chief Charles Broadway said: “Body cameras increase accountability, increase transparency, and provide fair witnesses.” They provide evidence that can be used in formal proceedings. "

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