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Market Supervision Bureau regulates law enforcement with body cameras


Latest company news about Market Supervision Bureau regulates law enforcement with body cameras

Use smart on-site audio and video to record big data supervision, safeguard the interests of the masses, build a measurement supervision market co-governance pattern through the informatization construction of audio and video data of body cameras; strengthen law enforcement supervision, guide honest measurement; standardize market supervision and law enforcement behavior, and improve market supervision and law enforcement efficacy.


The market surveillance body camera is a law enforcement and evidence collection device that integrates video recording, photographing, audio recording, data output and other functions. It can record the whole process of law enforcement objectively, truthfully, fairly and accurately, and can fix the supervision evidence in a timely manner and effectively resolve the legal process. At the same time, it is easy to carry, easy to operate, etc., holding it or wearing it on the epaulette, you can make a timely, comprehensive and accurate digital record of the law enforcement process.


The body-worn camera terminal worn by the supervisor can upload the positioning and movement trajectory in real time, and transmit it back to the command platform in real time through the real-time transmission function, so as to realize the real-time monitoring of the front-end law enforcement scene by the command center; the audio and video data of the body-worn camera can also be transmitted through the 4G network Go to the data management center, classify and store according to the name of the supervised unit, market supervision and law enforcement personnel information, usage time and other items, and retrieve them retrospectively.


The market supervision work requires both strict law enforcement and humanized management. The law enforcement images captured by the staff’s body cameras can be used to restore the on-site law enforcement process without leaving any blanks. The actual complaints will damage the public image of law enforcement officers and departments; in law enforcement work, the law enforcement recorder will give full play to the role of law enforcement recorders in regulating law enforcement, deterring illegal acts in the market, and improving the transparency of law enforcement.


Important functions in use can be opened with one key, and support key marks, support IP68 protection level, waterproof, anti-drop, dust-proof, data encryption protection brings more security protection to the law enforcement process; more standardized and market supervision for market supervision and law enforcement Lay the foundation more efficiently; strengthen supervision, crack down on illegal activities, and firmly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses.


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