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Law enforcement under the lens, illegal behavior can't get away


Latest company news about Law enforcement under the lens, illegal behavior can't get away

A few days ago, the urban management department of Baohe District, Hefei City has innovated work ideas and increased investment in science and technology. It is the first to be equipped with 15 law enforcement recorder collection workstations in the city. This batch of equipment integrates "automatic identification, automatic upload, automatic collection, automatic timing, and automatic classification. “Automatic emptying, automatic charging” and other functions are integrated, which strongly promotes the recording system of the entire process of urban management and law enforcement, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of administrative counterparts and law enforcement personnel.


Wu Wei and Zhao Junxiong of the Baohe District Urban Management Law Enforcement Brigade found a vehicle stole construction waste on Chaohu South Road. Wu Wei, who was wearing a law enforcement recorder, immediately stopped it and pointed to the recorder on his shoulder and said to the driver: "Master, the whole process of law enforcement has been recorded and recorded. Your behavior just now is suspected of stealing construction waste and has been recorded simultaneously. Please pay attention to your words and deeds." The driver listened and actively cooperated with the investigation.


"Under the lens of the law enforcement recorder, everything can be clear and clear. It not only protects the person being enforced, but also protects the enforcer. To a certain extent, it can avoid the occurrence of conflicts between the two sides." Wu Wei said, "but in There are also some troubles in use, such as charging the law enforcement recorder on the first day, and uploading the video of the day to the computer after the end of duty. Each squadron has almost 4 or 5 gigabytes of video in a day, and the upload speed is very slow. Sometimes when you encounter urgent tasks, you will worry about whether you have enough battery or memory."


Now, with the data collection workstation of the law enforcement recorder, the worries of law enforcement officers are easily resolved. Wu Wei said: “As long as the team members connect the law enforcement recorder used that day to the collection station through the data line, it will automatically read all the video, audio, pictures, logs and other information and import it into the collection station synchronously. The law enforcement data can be uploaded in a few minutes, and the transmission rate is extremely high.” While collecting data, the workstation can automatically charge and adjust the time of the law enforcement recorder. Law enforcement personnel no longer need to be troubled by insufficient power of the law enforcement recorder. The station can support the simultaneous upload of 24 law enforcement recorders. After the data collection is completed, the buffered data in the law enforcement recorders will be automatically cleared, so that the law enforcement recorders can be "relaxed" before the next law enforcement.

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