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Ishoop Body Camera SOP-15


Latest company news about Ishoop Body Camera SOP-15

With the transformation and development of information technology to digitization, networking, and intelligence, the field of public security urgently needs more, better and more advanced police equipment that can meet the needs of actual combat to support the development of various work businesses. The law enforcement recorder is more like a pair of eyes, so that every move at the scene of law enforcement can be seen and recorded. It regulates the words and deeds of law enforcement, and makes law enforcement and evidence collection more transparent and efficient.


This is indeed the case. In urban law enforcement, a satisfactory body enforcement recorder can make law enforcement work more handy. The SOP-15 appeared in a "lightweight" appearance with a beautiful and fashionable appearance and strong performance, bringing a new law enforcement experience to law enforcement officers.


SOP-15 body law enforcement recorder is a forensic equipment that integrates video recording, photography and recording functions. It has long battery life, small size, light weight and easy to carry. It adopts NTK main control chip, and high-definition video recording clearly shows the truth of the incident with its excellent image acquisition performance. The camera lens adopts a 140° wide-angle design, which ensures a larger field of view while meeting the requirements of low distortion for evidence collection, and records more law enforcement details to ensure the authenticity of evidence collection.


SOP-15 has infrared night vision function, which can realize large-scale shooting at night. Even in a low-light environment, this body camera can clearly identify human facial features within 7 meters, and can also assist law enforcement officers to complete law enforcement work at night.


SOP-15 adopts H.265 high-efficiency encoding, which saves 30%-50% of storage space and traffic compared with H.264 encoding; sustainable high-definition recording time of up to 9 hours, allowing you to work easily for a whole day; expandable 128G large capacity Storage, only enough built-in storage space can guarantee a complete record of all work processes. The biggest technical advantage of this machine is that the segmented loop recording time is long. When recording video files, 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes can be set, and the loop recording switch function is supported;


The performance is superior, of course, it also has to be online and easy to operate. In terms of design, the SOP-15 adopts an elegant arc design, with simple and smooth lines, very fashionable and technological atmosphere, small and thin body, convenient and comfortable to wear, and truly reduces the burden on law enforcement officers. In order to improve the convenience of use, the functions such as video recording, photographing, recording, and important file marking of the bodyguard only need one-button operation, which is simple and convenient.


SOP-15 Law Enforcement Recorder integrates the functions of high-definition camera, photo recording, voice intercom, night vision, etc. It can digitally record the dynamic and static scene of the law enforcement process, and can be widely used in traffic management, social security, public security, etc. Various scenarios such as law enforcement, power inspection, railway inspection, subway security inspection, etc., promote the professionalization and standardization of law enforcement, and truly protect the safety of law enforcement.

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