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Intelligent body recorder brings a new law enforcement experience


Latest company news about Intelligent body recorder brings a new law enforcement experience

Tongliao Fire Rescue Detachment organized a training session on the use of law enforcement recorders. Through remote explanation,

interactive communication, on-site practical operation, etc., the training enables the participants to master the knowledge of the use of law enforcement recorders, data uploading, and workstation maintenance in detail, and clarifies the operation methods and specific application requirements. The equipment and use of law enforcement recorders enable firefighters to make timely, comprehensive and accurate records in the process of supervising law enforcement, and send them back to the intercom dispatching station in real time through the 4G network. The intercom dispatch management platform is oriented to group customers. Based on the capabilities of multimedia intercom, real-time video, location backhaul, dispatch management, etc., it can communicate with terminals and APPs through professional platforms. the location of the personnel.


The distribution and use of the law enforcement recorder has greatly improved the work efficiency of fire supervisors, and truly realized the transition from fixed office to mobile office. It further standardizes the law enforcement process, avoids the randomness of fire supervision

and inspection records, prevents the occurrence of illegal fire law enforcement, and also reflects the seriousness and standardization of law enforcement, increases the credibility of law enforcement, and reduces the interference factors in the law enforcement process to achieve

strict law enforcement.

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