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How to use Body camera correctly? Precautions for using body camera


Latest company news about How to use Body camera correctly? Precautions for using body camera

1. Check the equipment before use

Before starting to shoot at the law enforcement scene, you need to check whether the body camera's battery is fully charged, whether the memory card has been inserted correctly, whether the device is turned on and off normally, etc. These basic equipment checks ensure your camera is working properly.


2. Adjust the shooting angle

When shooting with a body camera, you need to choose a suitable shooting angle so that the scenes, people and events being photographed can be recorded clearly and accurately. Generally speaking, the camera should be worn on the chest with the lens facing forward.


3. Proper use of night vision function

Body cameras generally have infrared night vision and white light compensation functions. When shooting at night, you need to turn on the infrared night vision function to obtain clear and visible images; Ishoop Body camera can automatically switch to infrared night vision mode according to the ambient light intensity, or you can Choose to manually switch the infrared night vision function, and also support fill light, making night shots clearer.


4. Data export and backup

The videos and photos captured by the body camera need to be uploaded to the collection station or server in a timely manner to avoid problems such as data loss; necessary confidentiality measures must be taken when exporting or backing up data, and the captured content and information must not be disclosed at will.


5. Maintenance

In order to ensure the normal use of the Body camera and extend its service life, it is also necessary to perform maintenance and regularly clean the surface and internal dust, dirt and other impurities of the device; regularly check whether the battery, memory card and other accessories of the device are working properly; during use When encountering equipment failure or abnormality, it is necessary to report it in time and take corresponding measures, etc.

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