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How much do you know about Body Camera?


Latest company news about How much do you know about Body Camera?

Body camera can provide effective on-site image, audio, video, and image data for case command, investigation, and prosecution to obtain evidence. This device is compact, easy to carry, and has a long standby time, with various other functions.

Body camera is an important forensic technology equipment that can be used by public officials, non public officials, and personnel who need to preserve video evidence and record work content. The Body camera has real-time video recording, photography, and recording functions, and needs to be worn on the body for work. It integrates multiple functions such as recording, photography, intercom, and location storage, and some Body cameras have built-in 5G/4G/WIFI signal modules for remote real-time video wireless transmission. The law enforcement recorder can digitize the dynamic and static on-site conditions during the duty process, making it easy for users to carry out law enforcement work in various environments. Therefore, Body camera is one of the most important tools for recording on-site work content.

Body camera can achieve real-time remote video, voice intercom, GPS positioning and other functions on the visual monitoring platform through 4G/WIFI wireless transmission function, used for command and scheduling, inspection and line patrol, security control, emergency command and other scenarios. Widely used industries or units, such as public security, traffic police, taxation, labor, national officials, urban management, health, food and medicine, road administration, transportation management, courts, tobacco, water conservancy, forestry, freight, airports, power, railways, property management, security, construction, and other fields. Body camera plays an indispensable role in executing work.

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