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How important is body camera for law enforcement?


Latest company news about How important is body camera for law enforcement?

If "eyes are the windows of the soul", then "Body camera" are the "electronic eyes" of various law enforcement departments. It is widely used in highway traffic police command, police case handling, tobacco law enforcement, border inspection, public security law enforcement, industrial and commercial administration, urban management law enforcement, etc. It can be said that it is closely related to the life of the general public, but the people are not directly using it, but using it through the hands of law enforcers.


How important is it for law enforcement officers to choose a good law enforcement recorder?


Under the background of fully promoting the optimization and upgrading of law enforcement standardization, the use of intelligent body camera by public security traffic police is playing an increasingly obvious and irreplaceable role. The intelligent body camera has played a very important role in realizing the legal, fair and civilized law enforcement of traffic safety management and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of front-line traffic police and parties.

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