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Hospital allotment work body cameras


Latest company news about Hospital allotment work body cameras

Hospitals are places with high fire risk, where the personnel are relatively concentrated, and patients are inconvenient to move.

Once a fire occurs, it will threaten people’s lives. There are many people in the hospital. The awareness of safety responsibility

should be further enhanced. Life is paramount, and safety responsibility is as heavy as a mountain. Constantly pay attention to

the fire safety work of the hospital to ensure the public safety in the hospital.


Hospitals are public places with a high concentration of people. There are not only patients and medical staff, but also logistics,

patient family members, etc. Once a fire occurs, it is prone to fall, trampling, burns and even deaths that threaten and endanger

people's lives; There are also a lot of valuable medical equipment in hospitals. Once a fire occurs, the loss will be great. Using

work recorders to do daily prevention, inspection, and recording is the top priority.


Staff member work recorders during work, which can improve the ability to deal with emergencies, minimize hazards and ensure safety.

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