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Hold a training meeting on the operation and use of Body Camera


Latest company news about Hold a training meeting on the operation and use of Body Camera

In order to further improve the standardization level of law enforcement, standardize the use and management of Body Camera, improve the efficiency of law enforcement cases, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties and law enforcement personnel in

the law enforcement process, the Municipal Traffic Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment held a body camera release and release in

the conference room on the fifth floor of the agency. In the operation and use training meeting, more than 50 law enforcement and case-handling personnel from various agencies and departments and directly affiliated units participated in the meeting.


At the meeting, a total of 134 sets of Body Camera were distributed through the signature and collection method. During the training process,

the technical staff of the equipment provider introduced the Body Camera equipment functions, precautions for wearing and shooting, and explained the function buttons in detail. They explained the basics of temporary group establishment, timing message prompts, video and audio collection, file playback and copying, etc. Real-time functions such as remote real-time monitoring, real-time playback, real-time intercom, text and voice broadcast, real-time alarm and other real-time functions of the visual operation platform were demonstrated on the spot. Issues and common problems that may be encountered in the course of use have been in-depth exchanges with technicians, and the atmosphere on the scene is extremely active. Everyone has said that the addition of law enforcement recorders will provide a great help for the high-level development of traffic law enforcement in the future.


Through this training, the law enforcement team has standardized the on-site law enforcement audio and video management, strengthened

the law enforcement personnel’s awareness of evidence, and improved on-site evidence collection capabilities, laying a solid foundation for safeguarding the law enforcement personnel and the public’s legitimate rights and interests and promoting the standardization of law enforcement.

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