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Fully equipped with law enforcement recorder


Latest company news about Fully equipped with law enforcement recorder

The Ministry of Public Security held a press conference in Beijing on September 14 to introduce the latest progress in the standardization of law enforcement by public security organs. According to Sun Maoli, director of the Legal Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, public security agencies in various places are currently fully equipped with on-site law enforcement recorders.


Sun Maoli introduced that at present, the public security organs in various places take "enforcement traces and closed-loop management" as the entry point, fully equip the police with on-site law enforcement recorders and other equipment, comprehensively use a variety of recording methods, and realize the combination of online and offline records, text and text. The video and audio records are supplemented to record all areas and links of law enforcement from the receipt of the report to the conclusion of the case, forming traces of the entire process of law enforcement activities and traceable management, and a complete law enforcement recording system has been established and improved.


Zeng Bin, the second-level inspector of the Legal Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, said that localities combined with actual conditions and used various methods such as text, pictures, video and audio records, and information system records to connect reports, on-site law enforcement, use management of case handling areas, interrogations, and management of property involved in the case, etc. The entire process of law enforcement case handling and all links are comprehensively recorded, and efforts are made to create a law enforcement record chain with comprehensive coverage, organic connection, and closed-loop management, so as to achieve traceability and traceability management throughout the entire process of law enforcement activities.


From the beginning of receiving the report, register the received report information to the unified information system for receiving the report, accepting the case, and realizing the online recording of all elements of the information of the receiving report, the acceptance of the case, and the entire process online; in the on-site law enforcement process, the law enforcement recorder Objectively and comprehensively record on-site law enforcement activities; in the use and management of the case handling area, realize full coverage of video surveillance and full record of law enforcement activities, and rely on the information management system to realize the full and dynamic supervision and control of law enforcement activities in the case handling area; when interrogating criminal suspects , Conduct simultaneous audio and video recording throughout the entire process; in terms of the property management involved, detailed records of the basic information of the property involved and the transfer, transfer, return, disposal and other information.


Zeng Bin said that the establishment of a full-process recording mechanism for law enforcement has played an important role in standardizing law enforcement activities, improving the efficiency of case handling, and ensuring that the police perform their duties in accordance with the law and the legitimate rights and interests of the people.

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