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Face Recognition is widely used in the field of traffic police law enforcement


Latest company news about Face Recognition is widely used in the field of traffic police law enforcement

Face recognition is a kind of biometric identification technology based on the facial feature information of people. A series of related technologies that use a camera or camera to collect images or video streams containing human faces, and automatically detect and

track human faces in the images, and then perform facial recognition on the detected faces, usually also called face recognition and

facial recognition. It is widely used in various industries, especially in the field of security, such as security, public security criminals,

security inspections and so on.


Nowadays, traffic police law enforcement is also applied to face recognition, and the efficiency of traffic police law enforcement is

improved through face recognition technology. What are the applications of traffic police face recognition?


Management of illegal drivers

Manage the illegal driving behaviors such as lost driving, drunk driving, and overcrowding, and combat lost driving, drunk driving, and overcrowding behaviors by enabling face recognition. When a person with the above illegal behavior enters the face recognition system,

the traffic police department will compare the information of the offender by "face recognition" and process it in the background before

sending it to the traffic police department in the corresponding jurisdiction for processing. Face recognition applications can rectify traffic violations such as "lost driving" and drunk driving in a targeted manner, and maintain the stability and order of traffic roads.


Road management

The real-time collection of passing vehicle data through face recognition should respond quickly to multiple platforms, and be able to

compare and verify traffic violation vehicles in a timely manner, and then use road monitoring to make judgments, and finally seize

suspected vehicles. It can also take continuous snapshots of motor vehicles driving in the reverse direction, compare them with the background database and perform face recognition, so that law enforcement can be more targeted and improve law enforcement efficiency.


Red light management

Nowadays, face recognition is applied in many cities to solve the problem of red light running. It captures people crossing the road by

running red light, and exposes the personal information of people who violate the law on the screen, including names, photos, and identities. Certificate number, etc., in addition to this, you will receive text messages about illegal activities and be fined.

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