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Face recognition body camera


Latest company news about Face recognition body camera

Face recognition body camera is an intelligent device that adds facial recognition capabilities to existing body camera functions, allowing the body camera to identify suspects in real-time. During the process of recording law enforcement videos, law enforcement personnel automatically extract facial images, which are compared in real-time with the facial database and quickly alerted. At the same time, the extracted facial images can be uploaded to the public security intelligence platform through 4G and WIFI for storage and analysis applications.


Body camera can capture the faces in the video during the recording process, extract facial feature values, and compare them with facial images saved in the law enforcement device memory card (such as the faces of wanted criminals and fugitives). After successful comparison, it automatically sends out alarm sound prompts and vibration prompts to remind police officers to take action. The images and videos taken on site can also be transmitted to the control center for real-time recognition through the 4G network. The faces captured by the law enforcement instrument can be compared in real-time with the face database, and the body camera held by the law enforcement personnel on site can be remotely updated in real-time to quickly respond to some emergencies.

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