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Equipped with BWC to promote standard law enforcement


Latest company news about Equipped with BWC to promote standard law enforcement

In order to further strengthen the supervision of fire protection law enforcement, standardize law enforcement behavior, and improve the level

of law enforcement information application, the county fire brigade took the lead in launching the pilot application of law enforcement recorders

in the city's fire forces, and invested 80,000 yuan to purchase 7 law enforcement recorders and 1 data collection terminal Together with the supporting server, a "three-in-one" operation mode of "law enforcement recorder → data collection station → law enforcement recorder management system" has been established.

"Since we have this law enforcement recorder, we can now collect and fix illegal evidence in the first time during law enforcement inspections. Compared with before, some unnecessary disputes have been avoided, and it is much more convenient to go out for law enforcement." The

staff said with emotion.

The law enforcement recorder integrates functions such as high-definition video, recording, photographing, intercom, anti-tampering and instant playback, and has the characteristics of being portable, easy to operate, high pixels, large capacity, and meeting various environmental law enforcement. Fire supervisory law enforcement officers can wear them on their chests or shoulder badges during law enforcement. They can record the law enforcement process in a timely, comprehensive and accurate manner, and can effectively restore the law enforcement scene, easily solve close-range law enforcement and night law enforcement, etc. problem.

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