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Equip body law enforcement recorders to create a civilized city


Latest company news about Equip body law enforcement recorders to create a civilized city

People's cities are managed by the people, and the city is managed for the people. In order to further create a clean and orderly city environment, the Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau wears a law enforcement recorder to closely focus on the goals and tasks of building a civilized city, starting from the subtleties and improving the quality of the city.


The scale of cities continues to expand, the level of construction needs to be gradually improved, and the task of ensuring the healthy operation of cities is becoming more and more arduous. It is necessary to record evidence throughout the process to strengthen and improve the needs of urban management. The status and role of urban management are also increasingly prominent.


The mobile urban management law enforcement recorder can achieve global coverage, full-time availability, and full control. It opens up the "last mile" of practical applications for comprehensive administrative law enforcement, and provides an integrated management platform for on-site law enforcement video and audio. Through on-site law enforcement video and audio Data management improves the standardization level and capability of on-site law enforcement.


Remote real-time intercom, real-time screen transmission, can realize interaction with the command center and efficient processing; for law enforcement personnel, the urban management law enforcement recorder not only regulates their own law enforcement process, ensures the fairness and fairness of the law enforcement process, but also acts as a deterrent The warning function allows the masses to consciously cooperate with the work, safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of law enforcement officers, and provides powerful help for efficient law enforcement and case handling.


In the process of on-site law enforcement, the most important thing for urban management is to retain on-site evidence. The law enforcement recorder has full HD resolution, high-definition image quality, and is equipped with a large wide-angle lens, so that front-line law enforcement officers can shoot without omission, collect evidence more clearly, and make law enforcement information more accurate. Complete and transparent, the on-site evidence collection is also clearer and more accurate, which is convenient for later viewing and browsing video for evidence collection.


The urban management law enforcement recorder conforms to the industrial-grade three-proof standard, with waterproof, drop-proof and dust-proof design, so that urban management law enforcement officers can use it normally in any environment and complete their work efficiently; create a clean, comfortable and orderly life and work for the masses environment, effectively strengthen urban management, give full play to the role of management, and actively carry out various law enforcement work.

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