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Cop Uses Body Cam


Latest company news about Cop Uses Body Cam

THE use of the body camera in the counting centre for Usino-Bundi Open at Opotio RiomruMemorial stadium in Walium is a bonus towards proving allegations later.

Northern Mobile Group policeman attached to Mobile Squad 13Constable Philip Yallon, saidhe was issued two body cameras to use during the polling and counting period.

He said before using the body cameras, he did awareness to the people, scrutineers, electoralofficers, temporary election workers and supporters including candidates of the purpose ofthe camera and it's benefits.

The body camera was introduced by the Police Department because of past experiences offoul play during the election period.

Const Yallon said the footage taken will be used as evidence to dismiss or address anyallegations.

"l start getting footages when ballot boxes were being moved to the counting centre," he said.

“At the counting centre, I record all serial numbers of the ballot boxes when confirmed byscrutineers including opening of the ballot boxes, sorters sorting them and then distributingthe ballot papers to candidate's boxes."

He said everything that is happening in the counting centre is be recorded so candidatesshould be at ease that there is transparency in the counting centre.

He said if there are allegations against counting officials, ROs or AROs, the footages are thereas proof.

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