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Community GoFundMe aims to give Macomb police officers body cameras


Latest company news about Community GoFundMe aims to give Macomb police officers body cameras

There's a push by citizens to get Macomb police to wear body cameras and they're not taking lack of money as an excuse not to wear them.

There's a GoFundMe set up to help the department buy the equipment that police and community members said is much needed.

Macomb Chief of Police Curt Barker said cameras would help his team out on the streets be more transparent and improve accountability.

There's a push for police reform in Macomb.

"I know police tend to have the wrap that all police are bad, all cops are dirty, that's not true," GoFundMe organizer Cara Erude said./

Erude and Sarah Schoper are two Macomb residents who want change.

"I sort of thought the least I can do, was to try and coordinate something," Schoper said.

The pair, along with others, wants to give every police officer in Macomb a body cam.

The group, Because We Care, started a GoFundMe page to raise 33,000 dollars of the 66,000 dollars needed to get cameras.

"Whether or not you can clearly see what's going on, you can often hear something," Schoper said. "It sort of helps those of us in the community feel like there's some sort of accountability to the officers."

Barker said body cameras have been on his mind since they came out, but the department has struggled to find the funding.

"What's nice about the body camera is it just gives you another angle," Barker said.

He said they only have cameras in each car right now. He said having body cameras, would help his team and the community work together.

"It allows the public to be able to see what we're doing, what the officers are involved in," Barker said. "Not only does it protect the public, it also protects the officer from complaints and false accusations."

Barker said the cameras would help with anything from a foot pursuit, to a lawsuit.

It's something community members said is a step in the right direction to building up positive relationships with all law enforcement.

"Being able to expand that so that all members of our community feel a little bit more safe," Schoper said.

Barker said if the GoFundMe raises nearly 33,000 dollars, the police department will fund the other 33,000 dollars and they hope to put in orders near the end of the year.

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