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Can cell phones replace body cameras for law enforcement?


Latest company news about Can cell phones replace body cameras for law enforcement?

"It's obvious that you can record videos with a mobile phone and upload them, so why invent a multi-functional body camera? Isn't it a waste?" People can't help but have such questions. In a word, everyone has their own areas of expertise, just like no matter how good a mobile phone is, it can’t compare with a professional camera. What's more, the mobile phone cannot completely cover all the functions of the body camera.

The body camera has infrared night vision function of far and near light. The machine is equipped with high-power near-beam infrared light and high-beam infrared light, which can clearly see the facial features of people within 15 meters and the outline of the human body within 20 meters. The built-in LED white light group can be used as a flashlight for lighting at night, and can also be used for white compensation at night, which can achieve color photos and video recording at night. Cell phones can't do it.

The body camera can perform real-time video return, intercom, and other functions, and the recorded audio and video data cannot be deleted locally, preventing law enforcement data from being tampered with and deleted, thus making law enforcement disputes more intense, but mobile phones do not have such Features.

The time of law enforcement officers on duty outside is long or short. It is normal for law enforcement officers to be on duty for more than 8 hours. High-performance lithium batteries are used for law enforcement records, which have strong battery life and ensure sufficient power during law enforcement. However, mobile phones generally cannot last for such a long time. It can be seen that the mobile phone cannot replace the body camera to work.

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