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Can an individual use a body camera?


Latest company news about Can an individual use a body camera?

"body worn law enforcement recorder", at first hearing the name, many people will immediately think of the small instrument worn by the police on their chests. Therefore, many people feel that apart from the police and law enforcement use of public institutions, they don't know where it can be applied.

Many people will have doubts, can individuals use law enforcement recorders? How useful is it? The answer is of course yes, as long as it is used within a reasonable and legal range, everyone can use the body camera.

Like a delivery man, he is willing to use a body camera, which proves that he has a good sense of risk and knows that he needs to use a body camera to protect his own interests. Once there are malicious bad reviews, the body camera will be the best evidence;

Similarly, the relationship between doctors and patients is becoming more and more serious nowadays. When facing doctor-patient disputes, there is no monitoring in the ward unless the doctor can run out of the corridor immediately, but it is still unclear. Then, the law enforcement recorder will also be a very good forensic tool.

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