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Body worn camera promotes the efficient development of civilized law enforcement


Latest company news about Body worn camera promotes the efficient development of civilized law enforcement

On the road of maintaining the stable development and construction of the city, the urban management and law enforcement departments perform their duties, fulfill their duties to build a socialist harmonious society, and create a safe and civilized living environment for the people; in order to promote the efficient implementation of law enforcement, urban management and law enforcement officers wear body worn cameras , Strictly standardize the law enforcement process, strengthen work capabilities, improve the quality of law enforcement, and strive to win social recognition and the trust of the masses.


In the process of law enforcement, the urban management units should eliminate violent law enforcement, excessive law enforcement, bribery and other violations of law and discipline, and monitor the law enforcement process through real-time body worn camera video recording and real-time intercom scheduling, which can not only improve the level of law enforcement civilization, but also maintain law enforcement personnel and integrity. Legitimate interests play multiple roles.


The body worn camera is equipped with a wide-angle high-definition camera, which can clearly capture law enforcement scenes, realize high-level restoration of law enforcement scenes, and improve the fairness and transparency of law enforcement. It is also equipped with intelligent infrared night vision lights and white light compensation. Shoot clearly in insufficient environments to ensure the integrity of live audio and video data.


The body worn camera supports GPS positioning. The background can locate the location of the staff in real time and track the movement trajectory. The device supports face recognition and document recognition. When encountering suspicious persons or emergencies, one-click alarm, dispatch in time to ensure safety.


The body worn camera can browse and view the recorded video and audio locally, but it cannot be deleted at will, which can ensure the accuracy and security of the data. At the same time, it has encryption protection, which can prevent tampering and illegal copying, and ensure the safety of original data; key files can be marked with one key operation, and the marked files can be retrieved on the management platform and distinguished from other files for quick search and high efficiency Work.

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