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Body worn camera can offer video evidence


Latest company news about Body worn camera can offer video evidence

A body camera video released on the evening of Friday, October 30th, showed that the Los Angeles County Sheriff acted for a man who killed him when he jumped over a fence with a pistol on Willowbrook Street in southern Los Angeles earlier this month.
The video was shot on the body worn camera involved, which is the first body camera footage of a shooting involving a representative of the Los Angeles County Sheriff.
The Sheriff’s Department only started to equip the delegates with cameras earlier this month. Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he hopes these cameras will bring more transparency and build trust in the troubled department.
In one of this case, the body worn camera can provide evidence for the accident, give a good explanation to the person who has been unable to explain, prove the innocence to the user, and also determine the responsibilities for both parties. It is fair and just and speaks only with facts.

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