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Andrews Joint Base uses law enforcement recorder


Latest company news about Andrews Joint Base uses law enforcement recorder

Andrews Air Force Base covers an area of ​​4,320 acres, with more than 20,000 military personnel, civilian employees and their families.


Andrews Air Force Base is the parking base of Air Force One and Air Force Two. Foreign heads of state visit Washington, DC, the capital of the United States, and their special planes usually also land at Andrews Air Force Base.


The current mission of Andrews Air Force Base is to provide rapid response capabilities to emergency and emergencies that seriously endanger national security, and to provide support for the aviation and space expeditionary forces.


The Andrew Base joint defenders began to wear law enforcement recorders and evaluated the video quality of the law enforcement devices, their usefulness, and how to better use them. When recalculations are required for evidence purposes, law enforcement recorders will help fill in the gaps in disputes. Perez said: "In the field of law enforcement, the situation can rapidly increase from 0 to 100. Law enforcement recorders provide a'bird's eye view', which gives us a second opportunity to watch the scene and experience it as it happens. Your memory serves as a guide, it’s difficult to retell it as a report, but the law enforcement recorder will tell the whole story and put everything into perspective."

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