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Airport police use body cameras to improve law enforcement


Latest company news about Airport police use body cameras to improve law enforcement

The use of the airport police law enforcement recorder realizes the whole process of recording and video recording of the police's law enforcement work, effectively regulates the law enforcement behavior of the police, and ensures the equal legal status of both parties. The police's law enforcement supervision mechanism has been improved, the legitimate rights and interests of both parties have been protected,

and it has played a good role in the society.


The law enforcement recorder is distributed and used in the airport to regulate the law enforcement behavior of police officers, improve the quality of law enforcement, and achieve sunshine law enforcement. Full of technology, compact and portable, it is convenient for airport police officers to open records and collect evidence during daily police inspections, case investigations and other law enforcement actions.


The police use scientific and intelligent law enforcement methods to record and inspect the security situation of the airport throughout the entire process. The equipped body enforcement recorder has a high-definition shooting function with adjustable resolution, supports H.265 compression, saves storage space, and captures images with a large and wide angle to fully and accurately restore the scene. situation, to promote the efficient work of the airport police and the fairness and transparency of law enforcement.


The airport police strictly implement the requirements and regulations, conscientiously manage and use law enforcement equipment, and record on-site evidence; realize the real-time connection between the law enforcement site and the background command center through the 4G network, conduct command and real-time supervision of the law enforcement site work, and promote the airport police law enforcement process of specialization and legalization.


Promote civilized law enforcement, standardize law enforcement, fix evidence in a timely manner, record law enforcement situations objectively, truthfully, fairly and accurately, improve law enforcement efficiency and credibility, and improve law enforcement quality; realize the airport police to provide high-quality management and services, and provide passengers with safer, Stable and convenient travel environment.

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