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A majority of South Jersey police are using body-worn cameras


Latest company news about A majority of South Jersey police are using body-worn cameras

After the township police put on body cameras, Chief Christopher Leusner saw the benefits-from improving the efficiency of investigations and resolving complaints, to using video for training, and building trust between law enforcement agencies and the community.
Leusner said: "I think this is the result of monitoring best practices and ensuring that our technology continues to improve. We are still willing to introduce technology and provide our staff with tools to complete their work, but it cannot replace a comprehensive and complete investigation." I think this is a positive thing in small Middle Eastern towns. "

And the township is not the only local department using this technology. In fact, state data shows that law enforcement agencies in New Jersey are more likely to carry body cameras than law enforcement agencies in central and northern New Jersey.

Governor Phil Murphy conditionally vetoed a bill requiring all patrol personnel in uniform to wear body cameras, citing the costs associated with them.
Although the technology has been widely used for nearly a decade, its purpose is to increase the transparency and accountability of the police department, and strengthen the connection between police officers and the communities they serve, but implementing these technologies can be an expensive task , And experts have mixed opinions on their effectiveness.
The body worn camera enhances the trust of the people in the community in the police because the actions of both parties are recorded by the body worn camera. Moreover, the police felt that with evidence, their records of being accused of framing would be reduced.

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