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4G HD Map Flyer Soldier Recorder SOP-18


Latest company news about 4G HD Map Flyer Soldier Recorder SOP-18

4G image transmission high-definition recorder is a professional equipment to assist staff in mobile intelligent operation and command.

The 4G image transmission high-definition recorder supports real-time high-definition video transmission, satellite positioning, trunking calls,

high-definition recording storage, GPS positioning and other business scene functions. The 4G intelligent body-worn recorder not only has the functions of conventional body-worn recorders, but also supports 4G wireless transmission of video. The on-site law enforcement situation is synchronized to the command center through the wireless 4G network in real time. perception. One-click access to various real-time videos to achieve a full range of visual control of the scene, timely issue instructions according to the development of events, and conduct cross-dimensional command. The command center can conduct real-time voice communication with the on-site disposal personnel, quickly circle

and select a group, and complete the creation of a nearby voice group in one second. Support single call, group call, forced pull, forced release, forced insertion, monitoring. The built-in GPS chip can send back location information in real time through 3G/4G, and the background command center can check it on the map; it can be viewed in real time through a smart terminal, smartphone or tablet; the team members receive the location information, one-click navigation to go, and quick support.

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