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4G bodyguards will gradually replace stand-alone bodyguards


Latest company news about 4G bodyguards will gradually replace stand-alone bodyguards

In today's era, innovation and technology are the fundamental means of survival for the development and growth of the industry, and the law enforcement recorder industry is no exception.


When everyone pays attention to the construction of the rule of law, the status of the law enforcement recorder as the supervisor and guardian of law enforcement personnel in the process of law enforcement can be imagined. The body camera industry has also achieved leap-forward development from scratch, from small to large, and from small to large. The birth of the smarter and more innovative 4G body recorder means the elimination of traditional and old body recorders. With the development of science and technology, the legal means of lawbreakers have gradually become modernized and intelligent. Therefore, most of the needs of law enforcement officers are concentrated in more intelligent and technological aspects.


So what is the reason for the 4G body recorder to take the lead in the market and favored by law enforcement? Then we will explain the 4G body recorder for everyone.


First of all, the 4G body recorder upgrades the functions of the traditional body recorder, and innovates and improves on the basis of inheriting excellent functions.


4G body law enforcement recorder, with touch operating system and operating space, provides a soft APP solution and a background intelligent identification platform on the premise of ensuring the security of law enforcement data, solves the problem of fixed focus shooting of ordinary law enforcement recorders, and takes clear photos of law enforcement scenes , and can realize wireless network, 3G/4G access to real-time dispatching law enforcement scene through mobile communication network. Realize the real-time connection between the frontline of law enforcement and the command center, and realize the strategy of planning thousands of miles away.


4G body recorder can connect audio and video to the user's own platform, customize the GPS accusation function, and develop and customize the function for special needs. Improve the rapid response and control ability of law enforcement agencies to various emergencies, and also improve the security of the entire law enforcement process. The 4G body camera can even integrate Bluetooth 4.0, use the laser to understand the shooting location in real time, and conduct SOS calls for help.


The emergence of 4G body recorder will become a new breakthrough in the body recorder industry. Starting from this, the development of the body recorder industry will only become more intelligent and multifunctional in the future.


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