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4G body recorder online real-time transmission and real-time positioning


Latest company news about 4G body recorder online real-time transmission and real-time positioning

With the continuous development of science and technology, the current law enforcement environment has become more and more perfect,

and law enforcement recorders have gradually entered the people's field of vision. As one of the important equipment of modern grass-roots

law enforcement officers, it plays a vital role in the process of law enforcement. Law enforcement recorder, as the name implies, is a portable

law enforcement forensics device with synchronous recording and video recording function. records for use by law enforcement officers in a variety of settings.

First of all, the use performance. The purpose of using the recorder is to record the law enforcement scene and ensure the authority of the evidence. Therefore, the essence of the recorder is to require a good user experience. Therefore, the image quality, camera, performance of

the device, night vision effect, battery Issues such as capacity, material and workmanship are all very important; secondly, the protection level and law enforcement environment are diverse, so the recorder has relatively high requirements for protection level, and can adapt to various harsh environments and emergencies. , Therefore, when purchasing, you should focus on understanding drop resistance, impact resistance, water resistance, image quality, memory, and some special functions, etc.; also, intelligence, which is mainly for data collection, requires

Records are made in accordance with the rules, procedures and requests during use, and cannot be arbitrarily deleted. If it supports 4G online real-time transmission and real-time positioning, it can effectively improve the efficiency of law enforcement. The above are some precautions when choosing a law enforcement recorder. Good products can guarantee Fair and effective law enforcement plays the role of fixing law enforcement evidence, safeguarding legitimate rights and interests, strengthening law enforcement supervision, and improving law enforcement quality.

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