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4G body cameras efficiently improve police work


Latest company news about 4G body cameras efficiently improve police work

In order to comprehensively strengthen the construction of police informatization and improve the deployment of police informatization application capabilities, 4G bodyguards are distributed to police officers and put into use; 4G bodyguards can realize on-site shooting, face recognition, and real-time voice intercom At the same time, combined with the functions of the command and dispatch platform, the standardization level of police law enforcement has been improved.


Under the supervision of the public security police, the 4G bodyguard can be positioned in real time on the body enforcement recorder management platform, and the live video can also be sent back in real time. The team members can talk to each other and the group. Increase work efficiency.


The police said that by using the 4G bodyguard recorder platform to manage and dispatch, it not only helps to improve the efficiency of daily police work, but also locates the track in real time to achieve efficient management. The whole process of recording makes police work more convenient, and it can be well documented and standardized. Enforce the law and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the police and the public.


The equipment supports audio and video data encryption to ensure security. Starting from adapting to actual combat and serving the masses, adhere to the support of information technology, vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening the police with science and technology, adhere to the problem-oriented and actual combat orientation, and promote the deep integration of technology and business, technology and management ; Continuously optimize the police mechanism, integrate resource advantages, strengthen innovation drive, and form data resources of "vertical connection, horizontal connection, data sharing, and comprehensive integration", so that the informatization foundation and data resources continue to expand and improve efficiency.

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