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4G Body Camera, Let law enforcement have video and truth


Latest company news about 4G Body Camera, Let law enforcement have video and truth

Recently, the first batch of 150 4G Police Body Camera in Leiyang City has been installed with a comprehensive administrative law enforcement team, which performs real-time video and audio information transmission, voice intercom and other functions through wireless networks and 4G networks, and plays an important role in the on-site law enforcement work. Escorting economic and social development.

Nowadays, Police Body Camera have become one of the indispensable law enforcement equipment for law enforcement agencies. Of course,

in the face of the increasingly complex social environment, the use of law enforcement recorders not only stops at law enforcement agencies,

but also plays a role in all walks of life. Good effect.

The 4G Police Body Camera is a product that can work continuously for more than 8 hours, integrates camera, photo, and recording functions, and can accurately record the on-site law enforcement. It also has a variety of professional anti-drop, dust-proof, shock-proof, etc. Protection function. Not only that, the 4G HD Law Enforcement Recorder has dedicated management platform software, with functions such as video surveillance, voice intercom, alarm reception, map positioning, and data storage. Advanced encryption technology, equipped with complete recorder background management software to ensure data security. The Police Body Camera has 1080P and higher resolution image quality, which not only ensures the accuracy of local recording but also improves the clarity of real-time live video. The camera resolution of 40 million can achieve very good visual effects. The function is stable, not only can upload video and audio in real time during work, but also can call for support during the command in an emergency, which not only improves work efficiency and saves time.

In the current society, the rational use of law enforcement recorders to manage the team can not only improve work efficiency, but also enhance the team's management level. It also records the whole process of work, can accurately and quickly direct the work, and can also understand the precise job responsibility management of each position at a glance, which helps to improve the ability of law enforcement agencies and various industries to meticulously serve the masses.

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