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Multi Functional Wearable Police Body Cameras 4000mAh With CMOS OV4689 Sensor

Multi Functional Wearable Police Body Cameras 4000mAh With CMOS OV4689 Sensor

police body mounted cameras

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32Megapixels Wearable Police Body Cameras

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Product Details
Battery Capacity:
Memory Capacity:
IR Lights:
2 IR Lights
94mm *61mm *31mm
Night Vision:
Up To 15Meters With Visible Face Detection
Lens Angel:
Wide Angle 140 Degrees
Product Description

Multi Functional Wearable Police Body Cameras 4000mAh With CMOS OV4689 Sensor


Specification of body police camera-SOP-08.pdf


Product Description of Body Police Cameras:

  • We are working with our partners to improve the service you already have. And we will give you even more control over your data.This body camera is the latest addition to our range of top-quality police body-worn video cameras.
  • Features 32 gigabytes of internal memory, Super High-Definition video recording with an amazing 64X zoom capabilities, and an outstanding 32 megapixel, high-resolution digital still camera.
  • It offers automatic or manual Infrared capabilities for low-light situations. Rear LCD display allows for reviewing videos and photos on scene.
  • With the “MINI” camera attached via the included light-weight cable, the officer can re-locate the CHIEF to their belt or conceal it elsewhere. It has a 140 Degree wide angle lens to catch more view in sight.

Main Parameters of Body Police Cameras:

Main Chipset AIT8328
Sensor CMOS OV4689
Video Resolution

2304x1296(30 fps)/1920x1080(30 fps)

1280x720(60 fps)/1280x720(30 fps)

Video Format H.264 .MOV
watermark User ID, Date Time Stamp
Camera 32Megapixels
Image Format Maximum:4608x3456 JPEG
Snap Shot Capture Photos while video recording
Recording Time Continuous Recording time: 10hours
Storage Capacity 32G/64G/128G
IR Lights 2 IR lights
Attack Sensor support
GPS Support, Built-in, optional
Wi-fi Support, Built-in, optional


Specifications of Body Police Cameras:

Name Function Description
IR LED Light Open the display black and white images,in the dark environment of the camera fill light to make the recorder efficient work effective distance of 20 meters.Can see 15 meters of at the character of the character,and can see 20 meters at the figure of the human body.
Lens Used to capture of the images so that the display shows the corresponding image.
Video Recording Button In the shutdown mode,press and hold the recorder to start recording at the same time, press it briefly in the standby mode, press it again to stop recording and save the contents.
Power On/Off In the shutdown state, Press the power on, in the standby mode, press the shutdown, press any state in the boot short press to turn off the display to save power, again short press to open the display.
Indicator light 1 When charging the blue light, fully charged, the lights automatically extinguished.
Indicator light 2 The standby light green when the machine is turned on; the red light flashes when recording; the yellow light flashes when recording.
Reset In the power-on state, if you press the reset button, the recorder will be powered off, used to deal with abnormal situation recorder.
The position of the metal clip This position can be used with clips for fixing the recorder.
TFT HD display 2.0 inch TFT HD display for displaying the current viewfinder and stored information content.
Menu Press the button, in the standby mode short press to enter the menu settings, other states short press to return to the currently selected upper menu. Video and recording short press for important file marked; long press for the lock screen again long press to cancel the lock screen.
Up/Left In the standby mode, long press is continuously zoom out the zoom image, when playing video and recording short press is the rewind function, in other state up to browse the selection.
Down/Right In the standby mode, long press is continuous zoom zoom screen, when playing video short press is fast forward function, in other state down to select the choice.
Back Return to the previous step. In the standby mode short press to enter playback mode;
USB Through the USB data cable to connect the charger to charge, can be used for USB data cable and computer connection, read data and charge at the same time can automatically boot, connect an external camera
Sound Recording Button In the standby mode,press it for recording,press it again to stop recording and save the contents.
Photo Button Press in the standby mode to make pictures and save pictures.
Dock Connector In the standby mode short press to open the infrared “BW function”, long press to open the fill light.


Application of Body Police Cameras:



Teachers taking their students on excursions
Visitors attending the school
School emergency such as a fire or shooting

Security guards:

There have also been numerous reports of students (their parents) suing the school in situations where teacher-student bullying may have occurred, student safety was endangered or if the student was injured. Live body cameras will help the school from being wrongfully sued in situations such as those. It can also help principals monitor whether security guards are doing their job properly on school grounds etc.


Military or SWAT:

Engaging in tactical operations may require mission operators to monitor the situation visually rather than over a radio. It can help judge the situation that they are in and is also beneficial for training purposes where help or guidance may be required.


Government Operations:

There are many government funded operations or government work which involves the use of live body cams. These may be covert or secret operations, dangerous or time precious jobs and many other use cases.


High Risk Jobs:

Live cams may be used in order to judge whether the employee is conducting the project in the correct manner with the appropriate safety precautions set in place. This may include skyscraper building operations, tunnel/mining projects, extreme weather conditions, projects in high risk neighborhoods etc.


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